Footrot Project Update - June 2019

Seven years ago, NZM initiated the fine-wool Central Progeny Test, which is a key source of the data required to develop an estimated breeding value (EBV) for footrot.

Since 2013, the fine-wool industry has built a footrot breeding value (BV) database containing 32,000 sheep with reportable breeding values. In the 2018 / 19 sale season there were 4,500 (2017-born) stud ram hoggets in the industry with a footrot BV available.

The footrot project has laid a foundation for the New Zealand fine-wool industry to have a commercially available breeding value for footrot susceptibility. We aim to have the footrot BV available publicly as an ASBV, generated though Sheep Genetics’ ‘MERINOSELECT’ analysis in early 2020.

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