Sire Genotyping

Contact Will Gibson for more information about genotyping your stud's fine-wool rams.

What is involved?

The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) is working with breeders to collect DNA samples from rams from across the New Zealand fine-wool industry. The DNA is extracted from each sample and genotyped using SNP chip technology (an analysis that defines the DNA sequence at different locations across the genome).

Why has the information been collected?

These genotypes are being used to build a reference population for a number of the genetics projects NZM is undertaking as part of NZSTX, including the central progeny test and FeetFirst.

Once the new genomic breeding value (gBV) for footrot resistance is available (see FeetFirst), this reference population will enable the industry to find sires with desirable genetics for improving footrot resistance in their flocks.