Breeder Support

How can I access EBVs?

Since 2013, the number of fine-wool ram breeders in New Zealand generating EBVs has jumped from three to nineteen, with another four studs preparing their data to get EBVs in the future. NZM has worked closely with New Zealand's fine-wool ram producers to help them move their data into genetic evaluation systems and produce EBVs for their stud ewes and rams. We are encouraging breeders to use the MERINO SELECT system because of its depth of data and genetic parameters directly suited to Merino and other fine-wool sheep.

The great benefit of this work is that, with access to EBVs, commercial ram buyers are able to better differentiate between rams - based on the rams' genetic potential - across all characteristics that are desirable for their particular production system.

Rather than relying solely on a visual assessment of a ram, ram buyers can use a combination of EBVs and visual appraisal to assess the ram. This is particularly useful for identifying rams with superior genetic potential in traits that cannot be seen in the sale pen. 

Contact your ram breeder today to see if they are using EBVs.